State Rep. Cabello calls on Governor Pritzker to stop releasing criminals

Calls on fellow elected officials to contact the Governor about this public safety issue

Machesney Park: Illinois State Representative John Cabello is calling on Governor JB Pritzker to stop letting criminals out of prison. Pritzker began releasing prisoners from Illinois jails under the pretense of protecting them from the Corona Virus. So far nearly 2,300 convicted criminals have had their sentences commuted and they are now walking streets across Illinois.

“JB Pritzker is jeopardizing citizens across Illinois by letting criminals out of jail. The prisoners he has released are all making their way back into our communities because the Governor clearly has no regard for the public safety of our citizens. These are not low level offenders many of them are murderers, rapists, and domestic violence offenders,” said State Representative John Cabello.

“Ten days ago he released a convicted criminal who is not even thirty years old yet. Amongst recent releases is another individual who is now in his late twenties also murdered someone. Neither of these criminals has underlying conditions nor are they “older”. The only “underlying condition” we have here is a rogue Governor who is fulfilling a liberal agenda of cutting court sentences short and worrying more about the criminals than the victims,” said Representative Cabello.

“The Governor has extended the “stay at home order” through May and he is doing this without a plan to return to normalcy. Here in the Rockford area he has left Rock Cut State Park closed while opening most of the other state parks. The Governor has a backwards approach to who his bosses are. They are the citizens of this state and the people who own businesses and contribute to our economy. I hope that my fellow elected officials will step up and let the people’s voices be heard,” said Representative Cabello.

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(A list of Murderers released statewide as a list of all criminals who were released whose crimes were committed in Winnebago County is available upon request)