Rep. Cabello Files Resolution to Create Task Force to Assist Aged Out Foster Care Children

Springfield… State Representative John M. Cabello (R-Machesney Park) filed a resolution today that will look to assist aged out foster care children through a state sponsored task force. Rep. Cabello worked with Kyle Hillman, Director of Legislative Affairs, National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter to craft the resolution.

“The state has a responsibility to not only care for these kids while they are in the system, but to also prepare them to succeed outside of the system. Rep. Cabello’s resolution is one more step in identifying ways in which we can reduce incarceration rates and support former wards of the state as they transition out of care,” said Hillman.

House Resolution 892 creates the Supporting Aged Out Foster Care Children Task Force under the Department of Children and Family Services. The task force will look to identify and recommend cost-effective ways to further assist foster care children as they age out of care and into independent living.

“There is a need to further examine what kind of help kids that have aged out of foster care are receiving,” said Rep. Cabello. “Studies have shown the need for continued assistance for some kids who have aged out of foster care youth. These kids are more likely than their peers to have higher unemployment and lower levels of higher education. We have to start looking for ways to help these kids as they strive to become part of the hardworking middle class before pursuing criminal activities as a method of survival.”

The task force will research, analyze, and consider existing laws, programs, and benefits that could be used to assist wards of the State in a cost—effective manner to live independently as they age out of foster care. The task force will present its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly in a report by the end of next year.